This Is Why: Heart Over Hue

My name is Desiree.

I am going into my 4th year at Southeastern University majoring in Practical Ministries and minoring in Broadcasting. I’m a dancer, spoken word artist, poet, music artist, and author. I absolutely love public speaking and eating Wendy’s 444s. I started Heart Over Hue in the Spring semester of my Sophomore year at SEU

Prior to my sophomore year, talking about racism and discrimination was something I ran from. I didn’t want to be the only black person in a white setting, or be the person white people looked to for answers. I didn’t want to be “that black person” who always brought up racism. So to avoid these situations, I ran from every conversation or mention of racism or discrimination.

then, my heart broke.

I took an African American Literature class in the second semester of my sophomore year. I began to read the struggles of African Americans from various time frames. I began to learn and understand racism and discrimination through literature and I noticed that some of the core heart issues that society had then are still prevalent in society today. Of course it breaks my heart that because I am a Black American I have to experience certain things. But it also broke my heart that racism and discrimination is a real issue that the Church was not doing anything about.

I was hurt by the fact that the Church ignored the issue.

It’s an issue that is so real and is causing division among God’s people, so I began to seek answers on what God wanted me to do about it. After constantly seeking, He spoke the words, “Heart Over Hue” to me. I immediately knew what it meant. He wanted me to remind others to see people for their heart and not judge them by their hue (shade or color). With no expectation of Heart Over Hue being what it is today, I made an Instagram post with the hashtag #HeartOverHue, and the journey started from there. Heart Over Hue is not just another justice movement that’s going to be here for a season. Heart Over Hue is a ministry that exposes the enemy’s schemes and brings the body of Christ together through conversation.

When it comes to this ministry, authenticity is so vital!

Heart Over Hue encourages and pushes for healthy dialogues to spark around the world, because it is through dialogue that healing takes place. When people humbly sit with someone that is different from them and boldly share their heart, hearts can change. When people earnestly listen to understand and not just to respond, hearts can change. True healing can’t happen if we’re not authentic with one another. I, Desiree Davenport, encourage you to have uncomfortable dialogues with others concerning the social injustices of our nation. The more it is not addressed, the longer it takes to heal as a nation.

Heart Over Hue exists to educate and bring awareness to racism and discrimination.