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Real Estate

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-Professional MLS Photography


Aerial inspection

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marketing (even drone marketing) is all about people.

  • People look at pictures and videos. Visuals tell a bigger story than words.

  • People verify businesses and buy directly from the internet based on your current digital content.

  • People have short attention spans online. They judge your property or business on the first picture they see.

  • People adapt. Your customers raise expectations and demands as your industry develops.

  • People aren’t typically loyal. If you don’t offer industry-leading services, they won’t care.

    Don’t get left behind. adapt.

  • We started Brandspark with the vision of being a one-stop shop for businesses in Polk County who needed branding & marketing. In the last year, the marketing industry has changed. We had to adapt. That is why we went to training seminars, bought expensive drone equipment, and became trained professionals in drone photography & videography.

  • Consider this your wake-up call. If you are a realtor and you don’t offer aerial photography of your listings, see the studies below. If you are a construction company or insurance agency, send a drone to inspect your property/building instead of a person. If you’re a business owner with a beautiful building and landscape; get jaw-dropping photos and marketing videos to maximize sales. If you’re a car dealership, get a fly over video showcasing your car inventory.

  • Reinvest in your business. Leverage what you already have. Use drones to lead your industry.

Real estate study

  • According to MLS Statistics, houses that have aerial photography sell 68% faster than houses without aerial photography.

  • Houses that have aerial photography sell for 5.25% more than houses without aerial photography.

  • According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 73 percent of homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video to market their home. (Only 9 percent of agents have listing videos!)

What This Means:

  • Aerial photography & videography create a higher perceived value of BOTH the property AND the Realtor.

  • An aerial shot of a home, in comparison with a street level shot, provides not only depth and dimension, but also a view of what is behind the home. A pool, beautiful backyard, lake, ocean or mountain view can all be captured and showcased perfectly by aerial drone photography.

  • Our professional MLS photography with HDR photos will help your listings sell faster and for more money.


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